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Our commitment to sustainability

Avesco Rent SA is committed to building a better world for future generations. We are convinced that progress is based on the balance between environmental protection, social responsibility and economic growth.

Our corporate culture as a rental company is based on sharing and using an asset for a specific time. Our slogan is “Rental is the intelligence of sharing”.

Our vision is on the one hand to improve efficiency and performance by meeting the needs of our customers, and on the other to find a balance to protect the environment.

Environmental criteria are an integral part of every new machine purchase decision and are subject to regular maintenance to ensure their durability, safety and comfort for our employees and customers.

Environmental dimension

Reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency. For years Avesco Rent SA has included control parameters on energy efficiency and eco-sustainable behaviors in its branch audits.
Separate collection: in all Avesco Rent offices, waste is sorted following a correct collection and disposal system for particular materials, according to the regulations of each canton and national, and the internal needs of the company.
All data sheets clearly indicate consumption and duration. We also offer machines with biological hydraulic oil on request.
Internal shipment of spare parts and tools takes place in parcels. Small machines and equipment are shipped on reusable pallets. Liquid materials are purchased in reusable containers.
We have actively and financially engaged with one of our transport partners to organize the distribution cycle of the machines with the first fully electric 40 ton truck that will be powered by clean electricity.
During the energy upgrades of the branches, gas heating was replaced with heat pumps. The zero emission pellet heaters are powered by Swiss pellets.

Economic dimension

We support the local economy by favoring Swiss partners as much as possible.
We pay particular attention to the development of pleasant and recreational spaces within our branches for the comfort of our employees and customers.
We continuously innovate to ensure operational excellence. The success is the result of numerous digitization projects that facilitate the daily lives of our employees, partners and customers.
We conduct customer satisfaction surveys in order to best meet their expectations and maintain a lasting relationship.

Social dimension

We encourage the continuing professional training of our employees, both in technical development and in personal and postgraduate university (Masters) development.
For 41% of the training, the duration was between 1 and 3 days, 6% lasted between 8 and 40 hours and 8% lasted or last longer.
We train apprentices every year. More than half of our employees (55.8%) have undergone or are undergoing continuing training in 2021.
We fight exclusion and discrimination and ensure good working conditions.
We are active in many professional associations and support organizations including PME Femme Romandie to support women's careers.
We support and sponsor numerous organizations and events throughout Switzerland in the fields of education, sport and culture (Ecole du Métal, football and ski club, Bike Weltcup association, etc.).


Walid Hajoubi

"They immediately gave me interesting tasks to do, the team trained me and answered all my questions."


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  • Mini-Excavator
  • Tracked Excavator
  • Wheel Excavator
  • Wheeled Mini Dumper
  • Tracked Mini Dumper
  • Articulated Dumper
  • Mini Loader
  • Articulated Wheel Loader
  • Tracked Loader
  • Bulldozer
  • Hydraulic Hammers
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  • Demolition Grapples
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  • Front Telescopic Lift
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  • Pellet Heater
  • Oil Heating
  • Electric Heating
  • Mobile Boiler
  • Heated Tent
  • Tank
  • Dehumidifier
  • Extractor
  • Rail, road and special works

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  • Rail-Road Excavator
  • Rail-Road Dumper
  • Rail-Road Platform
  • Rail-Road Trailer
  • Trailer Bucket
  • Tunnel Excavator
  • Compaction and Concrete

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  • Tandem Vibratory Rollers
  • Vibrating Plates
  • Compactor
  • Concrete
  • Compaction of the Fill
  • Professional Equipment

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  • Submersible Pump
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Renovation Equipment
  • Saw and Chainsaw
  • High Pressure Cleaner
  • Green Care
  • Sod Cutter
  • Stump Grinder
  • Auger
  • Catenary
  • Branch Shredder
  • Rototiller
  • Vehicle and trailer rental
  • Water Treatment

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  • Compact Systems
  • Neutralization Basin
  • Settling Tanks
  • Steering Cabins
  • Washing Platform