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Avesco Rent : Increase safety with appropriate water protection systems

The section of the A4 between Küssnacht and Arth is currently being renovated. Some of the construction wastewater generated during this work is being professionally treated by Avesco Rent in accordance with the law. The aim of the water protection facilities is to ensure that the sensitive ecosystem of Lake Zug is not polluted.

A worksite full of challenges

It is precisely in ecologically sensitive areas that the long-standing expertise of Renato Müller and his team is particularly appreciated. The exposed location of the Küssnacht-Arth freeway section, directly on the shores of Lake Zug, called for special measures on the part of the project owner. “Wastewater is generated here by work on the road surface. Rainwater also mixes with the concrete,” explains Renato Müller.

To collect the wastewater, large enclosed metal structures were installed under the bridges by the contractor. Pipes are used to convey the wastewater in a controlled manner to the water protection facilities, which consist of a settling and neutralization basin and a control cabin. The size of the settling tank depends on the quantity of water to be treated. In addition, the floor must be adapted to the size of the basin and be particularly resistant, given the size of the basin, which in this case represents 40 cubic meters.

Double monitoring

As water from the plant flows into a river, we have set up a special alert plan. This ensures that someone can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to intervene in the event of a problem”. Thanks to connected systems and sophisticated controls, all values can be monitored remotely. Control and measurement data are constantly interrogated and updated by a cloud server via the Avesco Rent data network. The alarm system immediately alerts the operator if limit values are exceeded. All data is entered online in real time by Avesco Rent, and can also be downloaded by the customer as a report.

For more information, read the full original article here.


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