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Installation of pellet boilers


🏘️ Simplify the installation of your boilers with our turnkey service. 🏘️


We are delighted to present our turnkey service for the installation of pellet boilers, a solution designed specifically to simplify your life.

That’s why we have developed a turnkey offer to allow you to save time and money while ensuring comfort.

Our turnkey service offers a comprehensive approach, from planning to installation, including periodic maintenance.

The advantages you can expect by choosing our turnkey solutions:


✅ Time Savings:

We handle all stages of the process, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your property management.

✅ Financial Savings:

Our competitive rates and expertise ensure excellent value for money, with solutions tailored to your budget.

✅ Guaranteed Responsiveness:

We are committed to providing you with the right mobile boiler promptly, minimizing disruptions for your tenants or clients in case of breakdown or interruption of your main heating system.

✅ Reliability and Professionalism:

Our experienced and qualified team ensures a hassle-free installation and optimal performance of your heating system.

✅ Tenant Comfort and Satisfaction:

By offering reliable and efficient boilers, you improve the comfort of your tenants and enhance their satisfaction, contributing to customer loyalty.

✅ Remote Management of Our Systems:

Optimize performance, adjust heating parameters in real-time, access real-time data, schedule maintenance and control, program weekly operating time (start/stop), 24/7 monitoring, and alarm transfer.

Don’t let worries about boiler installation disrupt your business.


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